Thursday, December 25, 2014

Review: Foxcatcher

Foxcatcher, starring Steve Carrell, Mark Ruffalo, and Channing Tatum 6/10 Pros: Interesting characters, cinematography, superb writing, MUA=10/10 Cons: Long, slow, lack of use of Mark Ruffalo/Sienna Miller Take Away: Rich people are cray-cray. Apparently "ripped from the headlines" of John Du Pont who was not exactly the picture of sanity. And with that being said, Steve Carrell deserves every accolade he has received thus far for his portrayal of a man who not just falls down the rabbit hole, but tumbles with great abandonment. John Du Pont buys his way into lives of people he wishes he could be. Rather than be happy with his amass of wealth, accumulated by his family and his heritage, he wants fame and notoriety more than anything else. Add in some screw you to his family and obvious issues with personal space and probably a little denial of his true nature, we have a recipe for disaster. When its combined with a person who lives in his brother's shadow, who can't make it in the real world without a life line, you have what could have been an award season darling. With that being said, the story which is well written, drags. For two and half hours, it lurches through the snow of Foxcatcher Farms like a lamb to slaughter. I imagine we could have cut this by a 1/3 and still had a great movie. By the two hour mark, I was asking for death because it just slowed to an unbelievable pace. The final act comes and leaves in such a hurry that the audience is shaking their head in shock and disbelief without time to recover before the credits roll. Sienna Miller has maybe three words in the entire film and really only two scenes where she is used in any capacity. Channing Tatum does prove that he has some acting chops as the lumbering little brother.

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