Friday, December 26, 2014

Review: Night at the Museum III

Night at the Museum III: 5/10. Great family flick. Had me in tears because Teddy Roosevelt aka Robin Williams, in one of his final performances, gives a speech about letting go and moving on with life. So yeah, there I was a 40 something year old woman, crying like a baby over Robin Williams. Pros: Clean, good for kids, some cool CGI and an awesome guest appearance that I wasn't expecting Cons: telegraphed story, nothing especially of note, bland. Take Away: They wrote the ending with a possible return but really ended it. Please let them just end the series rather than continue with a money making proven schematic for cinematic schlock. It really is a movie that has nothing to write home about, but this is not a movie where one is looking to be particularly impressed or wooed by.... It is a great way to spend time with your son and daughter, enjoying family time. Parents won't be bored and kids will enjoy.

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